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A stunning visual exploration of ancient military technology, engineering & shipbuilding, and a test of survival in the remote Egyptian Eastern Desert.

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August 5, 2013, posted by Jean-Louis Rivard

So where does this weird name "FlatandJuicy" come from anyway?

The name "FlatandJuicy" comes from our perspective on technology, education and creativity.

STEM education is an honorable mission, yet incomplete and the result of a reductionist view of what is essential. "Science, Technology, Engineering & Math" excludes, by design, a humanist dimension. It unwittingly tries to correct past deficiencies with a new one.

Our mission specifically includes Cultural R&D combined with Science and Technology because, frankly, if you are innovating the future, it helps to know who you are innovating for, why it is meaningful, and how it does some good for the world rather than harm. That's often simply a matter of perspective and judgement against a broader view of humanity that accounts for some, well - humanity.

Sharing the experience of research and discovery, inspiring people about the limitless possibilities of where r&d, education and innovation can take us, has to be engaging to reach its audience.

On a lighter note, technology and especially the internet makes anything available to us at the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. It also tends to inundate us with the trivial. We need to make a real effort to ensure that content is meaningful, substantive, creative and exciting - in a word "juicy". Yes the world may be flatter every day, but we mean to make it deep as well...

Jean-Louis Rivard
Founder, FlatandJuicy