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A story of science, exploration, danger and adventure in the harshest climate on Earth, City of Elephants searches the edge of the Egyptian Eastern Desert for the lost port city of Berenike. It vividly illustrates the ambition of the ancient world and the power, weaponry, technical inventions and military organization that conquered empires.


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Dr. Steven Sidebotham  &  Jean-Louis Rivard

Based on 30 years of scientific research by a team of explorers with
The Berenike Project archaeological mission to the coast of the Red Sea, investigating global networks of trade and power in the ancient world.

On the death of Alexander the Great, his generals divided the Empire and became Kings. Grudgingly sharing power, they looked to each other with a smile on their lips but ambition in their hearts. Centuries of intrigue, chaos and war followed, filled with battles to reunite the fragments under one banner. Ptolemy I and his son Philadelphus commanded their great navy from Alexandria, seat and sponsor of Greek science,  culture and learning. They pushed the edge of knowledge, led armies across oceans, braved deserts, jungles and mountains, to unleash the most terrifying war-engine of the ancient world.

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We are working on 3 books for 2014/2015, plus some amazing Mobile goodness.