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Teaser maps, 2D & 3D media

The ultimate visual exploration of ancient military technology, engineering & shipbuilding, City of Elephants is written by Dr. Steven Sidebotham
and Jean-Louis Rivard.

Jean-Louis Rivard. Co-author & Illustrator, City of Elephants

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ProfileJean-Louis is the co-author and illustrator of City of Elephants, and founder of FlatandJuicy.

Jean-Louis was the Creative Director for the AT&T 3D web-browser "Pogo" that was beta-launched in 2007/8, as a founding member of his first internet startup. His exit provided a tiny bit of funding for MicroPublica, a software platform for publishing to web, app and ebook format that supports scholars, researchers and mandate driven organization. Jean-Louis is also the Digital Media Producer for a 13 episode TV documentary series entitled "Wild Archaeology", entering production in July 2014 with PaleFox Pictures and Tilt Cinema and funded by APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) and CMF (Canada Media Fund). He loves great design and UX (User Experience), creative media, tinkering with technology and working with great engineers.

By a strange series of historical accidents (i.e. architecture school and an interest in ancient history) Jean-Louis has been Co-Director of the Eastern Desert Survey since 1999, and is the Director of Media & Technology for the University of Delaware/PCMA "Berenike Project", launched by Dr. Steven Sidebotham in 1994. He contributes 2D/3D media tech expertise to the mission for expedition mapping and media, and has worked with archaeological research missions in Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia with the universities of Delaware, Georgia, Miami, Princeton, Toledo, Warsaw, Leiden and others. He was awarded the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) Design Medal for his R&D work on architectural technology, digital media and sensory perception in Japan as a research scholar with the Japanese Ministry of Education, and has also conducted research in Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Jean-Louis studied architecture and design at the University of Waterloo and Waseda University in Tokyo (MArch) with a passion for digital technology, 3d media, architectural history and archaeology. He was a member of a research facility using Silicon Graphics 3D CGI visualization and VRML tools (with Onyx, Crimson & O2 boxes) for the federal government, which was the origin of the 3D technology of his first startup. He is fluent in Japanese, dysfunctional in a few other languages, loves traveling off the beaten path, and usually carries a sketchbook to record the journey.