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Teaser maps, 2D & 3D media

The ultimate visual exploration of ancient military technology, engineering & shipbuilding, City of Elephants is written by Dr. Steven Sidebotham
and Jean-Louis Rivard.

Jean-Louis Rivard. Co-author & Illustrator, City of Elephants

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University of Miami Hellenistic Petra Project, Jordan. Dr. David Graf, Director. In partnership with ACOR: American Centre of Oriental Research Temple of the Winged Lion Conservation Resource Management Mission, Amman/Petra, Jordan. (2007 - ongoing)

University of Miami Jurash Excavations, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. David Graf, Director. with Dr. Thomas Leisten, Princeton University Department Chair, Art & Archaeology. (2008, 2009)

University of Delaware | PCMA Excavations at Berenike and Surveys in the Eastern Desert, Egypt. Dr. Steven Sidebotham, Founding Director.  Dr. Iwona Zych, Co-Director. (1994 - ongoing)

Sikait Surveys of the Egyptian Eastern Desert, Egypt. Co-Director with Dr. Steven Sidebotham, Founding Director. Sub-project of U.Delaware | PCMA Berenike Project. (2000 - ongoing).

University of Georgia Excavations at the Yasmina Necropolis, Carthage, Tunisia. Dr. Naomi Norman, Director. (1995-1997)

American Academy Conservation Mission to Cosa, Italy. Dr. Thomas Roby, Director. Getty Conservation Institute. (1997)