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Teaser maps, 2D & 3D media

The ultimate visual exploration of ancient military technology, engineering & shipbuilding, City of Elephants is written by Dr. Steven Sidebotham
and Jean-Louis Rivard.

Steven Sidebotham. Co-author, City of Elephants

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ProfileSteven is an avid photographer. A career of fieldwork throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle-East has produced a photo collection of the rich cultural history, people, landscapes and ancient treasures of this amazing part of the world. The small set of photos below are of the local nomadic people of the Egyptian Eastern Desert - the Ababda Bedouin. The Ababda have lived in this harsh environment since, well, forever. It is precisely because of their local knowledge of remote, inaccessible ancient ruins, that the desert surveys of The Berenike Project have been so successful in locating and exploring the Greek and Roman military installations that controlled the desert 2000 years ago.