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Teaser maps, 2D & 3D media

The ultimate visual exploration of ancient military technology, engineering & shipbuilding, City of Elephants is written by Dr. Steven Sidebotham
and Jean-Louis Rivard.

Steven Sidebotham. Co-author, City of Elephants

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ProfileDr. Steven Sidebotham (University of Delaware. PhD, University of Michigan) founded The Berenike Project in 1994. He has been engaged in archaeological excavations and surveys since 1972 in Italy, Greece, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Sudan, Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and India both on land and under water.

Steven has authored eleven books and contributed to countless scholarly journals.  He is fluent in Arabic and has traveled widely on six continents. He is a popular and engaging speaker who has lectured at universities, museums and conferences around the world as well as leading educational travel expeditions as a speaker and guide.

In addition to being an avid photographer, he loves to trek and scuba dive.