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City of Elephants
Berenike & Ptolemy's
War Machine

A stunning visual exploration of ancient military technology, engineering & shipbuilding, and a test of survival in the remote Egyptian Eastern Desert.

The Berenike Project

2011 Season Team Roster

Steven E. Sidebotham, Founder & Co-director, coin specialist, photographer (University of Delaware)

Iwona Zych, Co-director, terracotta lamps, worked wood and small finds studies (PCMA)

Ignacio Crespo de Lineira, marine archaeologist (freelance)

Miranda Haigh, archaeologist (freelance)

Anna Maria Kotarba-Morley, geoarchaeologist (Oxford University PhD candidate), harbor coring project

Dario Nappo, ancient historian/archaeologist (Oxford University, PhD candidate)

Julian Newman, archaeologist (freelance)

Piotr Osypiński, archaeologist, participant of The Sikait Surveys (Patrimonium Foundation)

Katia Schorle, archaeologist (Oxford University PhD candidate)

Marek Woźniak, archaeologist (IAE PAN, Warsaw, PhD candidate)

Bartosz Wójcik, archaeologist and photographer (University of Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology, undergraduate student)

Mary Caulfield Sidebotham, archaeology volunteer, video documentation

Beata Dziedzic, volunteer


Dr. Rodney Ast, papyrologist (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University) *

Sonali Gupta Agarwal, pottery assistant (UCLA, PhD candidate)

Anna Babiarz, registrar and illustrator (University of Warsaw Institute of Archaeology undergraduate student)

Prof. Roger Bagnall, papyrologist (Leon Levy Director and Professor of Ancient History, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University)*

Mariusz Caban, architectural documentalist (Wroc?aw University of Technology undergraduate student)

Barbara Czaja-Szewczak, textile specialist (Wilanów Palace-Museum)*

Mariusz Gwiazda, leather documentalist (University of Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology, undergraduate student)*

Marteen Hense, metal specialist

Renata Kucharczyk, glass studies specialist (PCMA)

Dr. Marta Osypińska, archaeozoologist (IAE PAN, Pozna?)

Katarzyna Lach, conservator (Jagiellonian University, Kraków, PhD candidate)

Jean-Louis Rivard, Technology & Media Director and Co-director The Sikait Surveys of the Eastern Desert (10BASE-T Incorporated)

Dawid Święch, geophysicist (freelance)*

Dr. Roberta Tomber, ceramologist (British Museum)*

Dr. Jerzy Trzciński, geologist (University of Warsaw, Faculty of Geology)*

Monika Więch, pottery assistant, responsible for Wadi Gemal Project pottery

Teresa Witkowska, illustrator and photographer (freelance)

* prevented from coming by the Egyptian Revolution of January 25 or other reasons

SCA inspectors

Hosam Aboud Abd El Hamied (Berenike Project) Mahmoud Nour Eldin Mohmed (Wadi Gemal Project)