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A bit more about FlatandJuicy & the Platform

FlatandJuicy is an ebook community built using the MicroPublica platform. Our first title, City of Elephants, is based on The Berenike Project - an archaeological mission to the Red Sea coast of Egypt. FlatandJuicy develops and distributes gorgeous, visual treatments of amazing science and exploration to help broaden the audience for great research.

Media Contact: media (at) flatandjuicy (dot) com

Press Coverage & Releases

FlatandJuicy, our titles & the amazing projects they support - in the News...

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Photos & Video Stills

City of Elephants is based on 30 years of archaeological exploration in the Egyptian Eastern Desert and that means tons of photos of incredibly beautiful landscapes, rich cultural hisotry, and a team of brilliant people who don't mind living on the edge...

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Video Clips

Since 1994, The Berenike Project has been conducting scientific archaeological research at this rediscovered Greek and Roman port city on the Red Sea.

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Screenshots: Web & eBook

Wordmarks/Branding plus a few representative screen captures and sample illustrations.

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Sample News Story

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but if you are really on a deadline crunch, and you don't mind the broad strokes already laid out for you, here is a sample story you might find useful...

Frequently Asked Questions

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