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Photos from FlatandJuicy & City of Elephants

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The Berenike Project Team

This team shot from our 2011 Season is taken in the remains of a small temple located on what was an island in the bay of the ancient port of Berenike.

The Berenike Project Camp

The research mission's camp and living quarters.

Excavation Work in Progress

Sieving sand excavated from trenches to isolate ancient coins, metal work, beads, bone, sculpture fragments and ceramic.

Steven Sidebotham & Iwona Zych

Dr. Steven Sidebotham, Co-Author of City of Elephants, Founder and Co-Director of The Berenike Project, together with Co-Director Dr. Iwona Zych.

JL. Rivard Drawing On-Site

Field drawings at various stages of excavation are a critical part of interpretation and analysis.

JL. Rivard Drawing On-Site

Usually these are of drawings of architecture, but can include skeletons, sculpture, inscriptions and other significant finds before they are removed for further study.

A few Artifacts from Berenike

Berenike produces an unbelievable wealth of ancient finds. Pottery, statuary, papyrus documents and much more, within the Greek and Roman city remains of temples, houses, streets and port facilities.

JL. Rivard drawing On-Site

Measured drawings at a very detailed level are co-related to photography and digital models recorded using laser instruments.

2D/3D CAD & GIS, CGI and Visualization

Laser-theodolites, total stations, CAD, GIS, GPS, 3D scanning and a range of software to process data allow detailed digital documentation to capture archaeological remains, reconstruct history and enable analysis and interpretation.