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A "press-releasey" Sample News Story about FlatandJuicy and City of Elephants

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but if you are really on a deadline crunch, and you don't mind the broad strokes already laid out for you, here is a sample story you might find useful. It follows a "Press Release" format with some linking to related articles on industry news and trends.

FlatandJuicy launches on Kickstarter, supporting Science and Research with juicy ebooks, apps & Greek War-Elephants

FlatandJuicy launched an ebook platform on Kickstarter today to support science, technology and cultural R&D with visual and creative realizations of brilliant but hard-to-access research missions around the world. Their first title "City of Elephants", focuses on a 30-year archaeological Mission in Egypt, Greek war-elephants, ancient military technology, and the sponsorship of science and learning by ancient Greek kings.

FlatandJuicy was founded by Jean-Louis Rivard, previously the Creative Director of the AT&T 3D Mozilla Browser "Pogo", beta launched in 2007/2008. Its approach to ebook and app creation embraces the principles of STEAM educationadding art and culture into the more limiting trend of STEM education. FlatandJuicy also takes aim at the scientific and academic publishing industry, which is known for a rather closed approach to publishing

"The scientific publishing industry is broken," Rivard said, "and instead of adding value to visionary work it hides it behind steep paywalls, ridiculous publishing fees and closed bundled journals.  We aim to help change that."

Indeed, academic and scientific publishers are experiencing something of a revolt lately amid the debate surrounding Open-Access to data, boycotts and criticism of closed incumbents like Elsevier and reactions to players like Nature charging scientists more than $4,000 just to have an article published.

With a series of interesting developments and startups recently, focused on long-form journalism and micropublishing such as Longreads, Medium, Longform, and Byliner, FlatandJuicy makes an interesting addition that also touches on issues of online education and Digital Humanities.

“The goal is to provide a visual and creative voice to amazing research and development teams around the world, something that helps builds an audience for their work, and inspires minds young and old to explore, dig deeper into a topic, and hopefully pursue science and research themselves.” Rivard said "I hope people will find it a worthy cause, and help us on Kickstarter."

"City of Elephants" is based on "The Berenike Project" a University of Delaware / PCMA archaeological excavation and research expedition that has been featured in National Geographic and on Discovery Channel, working at the Graeco-Roman port of Berenike on the Red Sea coast that was instrumental for importing African war-elephants in the 3rd century BC. It is co-authored by Rivard and Dr. Steven Sidebotham, founding Director of the research mission. Rivard is the Director of Media & Technology for the Mission. 

Rivard is also a Digital Media Producer for a 13-episode TV series "Wild Archaeology" currently in development with Pale Fox Pictures, Tilt Cinema and Faust Film in Toronto, funded by APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) and CMF (Canada Media Fund).