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Video from FlatandJuicy, City of Elephants & The Berenike Project

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JLR Drawing at Trench 70

The Island temple in Trench 70 is made of massive blocks of stone with a stairway that may have filled the room with water...

Recovering the Greek Inscription

Trench 70 revealed an Inscription in Greek carved on a pedestal of stone during the 2011 season.

Photo Day at The Berenike Project

Photos begin just before sunrise, when the light is soft and without harsh shadows to obscure the architecture and remains...

Kickstarter Video Update - JLR

Going into our last week of the campaign with a quick note about how easy it is support amazing science and exploration...

Kickstarter Video Update - SeS

Dr. Sidebotham stresses the importance of the work of The Berenike Project, and the difficulties of securing funding for research.

FlatandJuicy Launch Video

A quick intro explaining a bit about what we are up to and why...